10 Steps to Handle Dream Crushers


So, you’ve decided you want to live a certain life, achieve some inspiring goals…all of which don’t fall into the typical, standard, cookie-cutter lifestyle. Well let me guess, you have some internal and external dream crushers that need to be handled. Let’s do that shall we?!

Step 1: Identify… that you have some combination of both internal and external dream crushers. Awareness is key. Name those demons. Write them down in as much detail as possible. What is their origin, what triggers them, what makes you still wrestle with them, etc etc…

Step 2: Understand the internal dream crushers come in the form of: fear, insecurity, uncertainty, inertia (your past & current momentum).

Step 3: External dream crushers are often, unintentionally (or intentionally), trying to quash your dreams because of their OWN internal funk and lack of insight into what makes you come alive. Your mission in this world matters more than their lack of understanding.

Step 4: Dimensionalize your internal dream crushers. Meaning: pull them apart from their roots, explore them fully, so you can see how much bullshit they really are. Example: Your past failures are simply feedback. All the great players in this world have had massive amounts of failure before finally ‘making it.’ Mommy or Daddy issues = it wasn’t you that was fucked up, it is simply you believed their behavior was because of your flaws, not their untreated issues. Yup, all of that is BS and here’s a little story about a Milk Jug to help you with this. I want you to REALLY understand that your struggle is part of the process and should NOT stop you from moving forward.

You know those big 1 gallon milk jugs at the store? Ok, so imagine you tip it over and spill some milk…welcome to being a human, we all do that at some point. Now, imagine you just tipped it over and there is a TON of milk left in that jug… Whatcha-gonna-do!?? Just sit there and watch the rest of it spill out…I mean what the F!? PICK UP THE JUG! Don’t just sit there and watch it all flow out.. In essence that is what is happening when you let past mistakes wreck your todays from unnecessary self-flagulation. You are continuing the harm. Stop it, clean up the little milk that spilt out, put the lid back on and get on with your life goals. Remember this also applies to those that spilt milk around you…pick that jug up anyways and keep moving forward.

If you do anything with that spilt milk scenario, simply learn from it, grow from it…consider this in the next step.

Step 5: Ask the Tantric Question: How is this ________ (fill in the blank with whatever you’re tripping on) going to make me stronger? How is this _______ teaching me something. What was it trying to teach you and how did it or is it making you stronger! Remember this quote: “Pressure does one of two things, it busts pipes or makes diamonds.” Choose to be a diamond! Another way to look at this is these demons that haunt you, that chase you, will continue to do so until you sit them down in a chair and handle them with those two questions. Once you’ve confronted and dealt with them it becomes much less of an issue…and actually a point of developing your strength, resilience and insight. You’re in the process of becoming more of a bad ass…celebrate!

Step 6: Use the snide remarks or lack of belief in you (by others), as fuel. Yes, use it as spite-fuel for a minute, just don’t stay in that negative energy for very long. Howeverrrrrr, feel free to KNOW that you’re going to prove them wrong, that YOU are worth it …as is your vision!

Step 7: Collect a kick ass tribe…both in real life and online. Sometimes you can’t escape the look of disbelief or the snide remarks from friends or family so it’s up to you to collect like-minded tribe members to help offset the shit others are occasionally hurling your way. One of the easiest ways to remove the fish from your fish pond that are ‘mucking up your waters’ is to add new healthy fish in. We all only have so many hours in a day…SO, get busy with the new fish. Also, very importantly, GET A MENTOR and read bios of other great minds that have bucked conventional wisdom that made great strides in their field(s).

Step 8: Make a “I’m going to f*cking rock this” play list. Yes, music is magic. Manage your internal emotional state every day! Get a list of 10 songs that make you want to roll up your sleeves and kick some arse and play that stuff!

Step 9: Develop better Mantras! Know this: It’s totally OK to choose a career that isn’t ‘normal.’ It’s completely OK to live a life that other people don’t understand. It’s OK to bust your ass working on a project that’s not making money yet…hell, even in a conventional success mode (eg. getting a Pd.D.) a lot of time and work is done PRIOR to making any money at all. Remember the only thing that is NOT OK is giving up on your dreams. Don’t suffer that soul crushing pain at the end of your life with the regret of “What If!?” That sucks…so don’t do it.

Step 10: Get into the MAJEQ Time Machine! Sign up below for a free video instruction on how to do this really wild mental ninja trick. It’s kinda like meditation, kinda like self-hypnosis, but a WHOLE lot more fun! And it will help you get results….no seriously, it will! One easy example is it helped me go from about 278lbs to 190-ish without any nutty diets or becoming a gym rat. It’s helped me do other things as well…and can surely help you move towards the life you want in any area!

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Remember the Key to Magic: What you choose to make a big deal out of…becomes a big deal…SO, choose your big deals wisely!

Make leaving your mark on this world with “the thing you want to do” a big deal. Please do not grow old and allow yourself to slip into a big old bed of regrets…the ‘what if’ and ‘woulda shouda could lands’ should be avoided at all costs!

Bis Sp├Ąter

PS: Do you think anyone that’s achieved greatness in life didn’t have dream crushers to contend with? Yeh, I didn’t think so either. Why do you think you’d have it any different and all super easy like? You know you’re smiling a little right now too…snowflake. ;-) I guess I could have added one more step…humor. At some point you have to laugh a little more often about this thing called life. Have fun, play hard, enjoy the ride and help others when you skill up.