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3 Things (actually 4) to Make a Full Time Living Online

I created this video for some students quite a few years ago.

It still totally holds true. Check this out.

I need to update this a bit by making this 4 steps, so let me flush this out for you.

1. Mindset! You MUST truly believe you can do this. Not like “maybe this will work”… If you start out with a bleh attitude you’re gonna get bleh results! How this worked for me when I get started online was I made friends with a few other marketers on some online forums (consider this Facebook today). We shared tips and tricks and they told me which offers were converting for them, how they were getting traffic, etc. I KNEW I could do this too. Was just a matter of time and effort.

2. A HOT offer in a competitive market. Things like health, wealth and relationships will always be hot.

3. Copywriting: Learning how to make little custom landing pages where I could control the headline, the words on the page, images, etc. Sending traffic direct to the normal company pages usually has shit for sales conversions. Trust me on this. When 10,000 other affiliates send to the main page, everyone has seen it. You have to mix it up a bit.

4. Traffic Traffic Traffic. Start with organic marketing then when you start making sales, go buy some paid ads!

Holler if you need help! Comment and I’ll send you my email or an invite to my private Facebook Group where I provide ongoing training.

Take care and have an awesome rest of the week!


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