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The Three Things You Need to Make Some Ducketts Online!

For those of you that wished I did a talking head video…here’s a picture of two people staring at each other that like marketing stuff and making money online.

1. A hot offer in a hungry market. These markets haven’t changed much over the past several decades. People are simple. Weight Loss, Make Money, Hookup with People, Relieve Pain, etc etc etc. Go to this link to take a read through a TON of ideas for different “hungry buyers.” Also think about “irrationally passionate” folks: dog lovers, cat lovers, foot ball team fans, etc etc. If you are selling to a “meh” audience you’re going to have a rough time. Find out what everyone is buying and SELL THAT. Make sure it’s something you also like.

Here’s a link to the “desperate buyer” market: Might get you some ideas.

2. Custom landing page. Every whale I’ve known over the years masters this. The art of conversion. Test headlines, test button colors, text benefit/bullet points, etc. If you need to hire a copywriter to help you with your custom landing page, you can go to,, even… On upwork and freelancer just big low fixed price as this is JUST for a simple squeeze page. It’s not for a long sales letter. Collect the emails then market to these people later. Email marketing is by far one of THE most lucrative ventures online. Industry average for marketing is one subscriber equals about 1 dollar a month. So go get 10,000 subscribers!

Also, you can go to the same websites (I recommend because it’s cheap to get a WordPress site setup for you on hosting. For hosting I recommend (cheap fast packages). You’ll also need a way to collect emails. Use, or

Here is the link to the WordPress traffic rotator to help you test ads, it’s very cheap. I think it’s around 17 bucks.

3. Traffic traffic traffic. I strongly recommend using paid search traffic to begin. But NOT Google as they are very expensive and only go to them once you’ve masted Microsoft Ads (Bing). The most important thing is to get emails/leads. You can market to them later. Don’t waste money by not capturing leads. Microsoft Ads and Google both have 100 dollar coupons. Go to google and search for those to get you started.

Here’s a link to 61 paid traffic sources.

I’ll provide some free traffic training later. But quick overview on that, check out, and Youtube shorts!

Talk soon and holler if you have any questions. Email to hit me up at is:

Sean Mitchell