the two pieces I’m focused on:

I’ve a solid understanding of business, marketing, sales, etc from my education and work experience. So I’m not really looking to acquire general knowledge or high-level strategy insights. I’m looking to learn one proven tactical method that is actually making money right now, as we speak.

I’ve already tried a lot of different methods online. Some with varying degrees of success. I’ve bought a number of online trainings over the years as well, but you probably know as well as I do that often what happens is somebody figures out a way to make money, they milk it for a few years, and then when the method starts to dry up they decide to capitalise on it by selling a course.

By the time you’ve learned and implemented the teachings, the method has passed its expiry date, and it doesn’t work as it did.

The most success I’ve found to date is with niche websites. I’ve invested a lot of time and money learning and building sites. But as you know, with the arrival of chat GPT and the increasingly rate at which Google is updating its algos, building niche websites has become a very unpredictable game. I’ve had 2 sites virtually wiped out almost over night in the last 6 months, and I’m not sure I want to spend 12 -18 months building more sites for them to experience the same fate.

So, in short, I’m open to paid training if I know I can make that money back relatively rapidly.
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