Don’t Sleep on Email Marketing!

I’ve had a few conversations lately around “sleeping on email marketing”…

I want to share a story to motivate you to get after it!

Several years ago I was involved in an opportunity…it cost around 1200 dollars to get in.
I personally got to know one of the top producers…he did around 1.8million dollars in a little over a year with this company.
How did it do it? Like all whales I have known over the years…three basic ingredients.

1. Custom landing pages for the offer.

2. Paid ads from Google and other traffic sources. He became a traffic monster.

3. The final ingredient is the big deal…

One day while chatting with him on the phone…he told me that 80% of his sales…


People would join his list off his paid traffic and custom landing pages…and they’d watch him in emails for months to a year and were like

“Jesus this guy is STILL killing it…maybe it’s not BS. Let me get in on this action.”

Don’t sleep on email marketing. You’re just leaving money on the table.

Don’t let the tech stand in your way. That’s a miserable excuse. You can hire people for not a ton of money to help you get it going if you’re not a ‘techie’.
Don’t let a 50-100 dollar problem get in your way.

Need help getting your tech shit out of the way? I know a guy.
Hit me up if you need help.

I’m not pitching sh*t…just a hippie wanting to hook you up.
Get some.

PS: Gangster bonus points if you can craft an offer to capture phone numbers and mailing address. If you’re seeing Perry Belcher’s ads all over the place…that’s a great example. If you haven’t seen his ads, this is where they take you if you want to check out his setup: