How to Setup a GetResponse Account and Get Started

Ok building an email list is going to be one of your BIGGEST assets in business online.

I recommend GetResponse as some of the others are either too expensive for beginners or too touchy with spam complaints that are bogus.

I’ve created a video for you below on how to:

1. Setup a List inside your account (this is a bucket where you collect emails). You can have many of these for example: one for an affiliate marketing product or two, one for a weight loss product, etc etc.

2. How to setup an autoresponder. This is where, when people signup for your list, you can send them automated messages for several days. This is KEY! Many people need to see something over 7 times before they make a purchase decision.


3. How to send out a broadcast. A one time message to your list. Could be a free training, a special promotion, etc.

First thing is go to GetResponse and signup for free. You want to upgrade soon after as the paid account comes with some benefits the free one doesn’t. But if you need to go free to start, that’s perfectly fine.

Here’s a video on how to setup your first list, create an autoresponder series, and send broadcasts.

Enjoy! And contact me if you have any questions.