This is FINALLY what allowed me to start dropping weight:

I had to ‘become the guy… that simply used food as fuel.’

I had become comfortable in eating like I was able to in my teens and 20s…and being in my 30s that was simply not working any more. I was more physically active in my earlier years and I never adjusted my eating to match my current activity and age level.

I ate whenever I felt like it. I ate when I was happy. I ate when I was bored and I ate when I was less than happy. Bottom line, I was just eating whenever.

To put it bluntly you could almost say I was using food like an addiction in a way.

What finally did it for me was getting really in touch with the VIEW I had to have of mySELF in relation to food and how I was using or rather misusing food to just manage life and how I felt.

When I realized I had to SEE mySELF as a guy who simply used food as fuel and not as a devise to celebrate with (primarily), or manage boredom, dissatisfaction, etc…EVERYTHING CHANGED.

But it took a few steps…that I will explain in this video. I will re-iterate this story differently then give you the exact process I used again and again until it ‘set in.’ Once I viewed myself as this guy who managed his fuel correctly…the pounds started dropping every week, every month.

And, to be clear, I did not turn into a calorie counting, exercise fiend for these results to show up…and I want to show you how to do this too!


The Inner Game (MAJEQ Time Machine exercise)
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