My Ideal, Dream Research

This is about putting magic in a bottle in relation to upgrading the human experience. To date the mental health and health fields have made wonderful advances but also as a system with the growth of depression and anxiety it is fairly obvious that MUCH more need to be done.

While in much of the 90s I pictured myself one day going to med school as a dream to focus in a neuro specialty as I had fallen in love with Dr Jeff Schwartz work in relation to OCD, cognitive work and physiologic results…I then decided my passion was in the moods and minds of people so eventually a Ph.D. in neuro-psych might be the route I should ultimately take.

However after realizing that even in that specialty I’d be highly limited by scope of practice and not able to order MRIs, blood panels to look at endocrine health or GI tract (microbiome health)…that would still fall short of what I really wanted to focus on to get significant lasting changes in the human organism and overall experience.