All you need is:

1) An offer in a hot market,
2) Landing pages and
3) Traffic traffic traffic.

LET’s NOT over complicate this!

I will show you step by step how to get setup easily and effectively. No fluff, just the good stuff. Some of it is techie and if you’re not comfortable with that, not a problem, will show you how to get this done cheap and effectively. Ok, lets go!

Ok so first things first. You need to pick your niche market. This should be in one of three main areas. People are simple and have and WILL always want, truly want a few things. To look good, feel good, get laid, make money etc. So your three main areas are:

1. Health and Fitness
2. Financial (make money)
3. Relationships (hookup, get your ex back, etc)

Truth be told the make money niche has massive pushback and skepticism. The health and relationship niches are a tad easier but still require work.

What you want to seek is a market with “irrationally passionate” people. Example being, certain dog breed fans, sports team fans, preppers, survival, investors worrying about an upcoming crash, etc. Also you want to be in very competitive niches as that’s where the money is. Ok, so with that said, pick something you enjoy as this journey takes a while and you don’t want to pick a market that bores you.

Next you need landing pages to drive traffic to. This is where you capture email addresses so you can re-market to these people later. There is a thing called the rule of 7. What this means is that often a buyer needs to see an offer 7 times (or more) before they make a purchase decision. This email list is one of the most powerful assets you’re going to grow.

This next part is VITAL! You need to setup two landing pages to test against eachother. This is often called split testing or A/B testing. You want to test elements on the page to see what makes it convert higher into lead captures! The headline is the primary thing to focus on, but also button colors, position, etc. Don’t go crazy with this, just make sure you’re not being lazy and HOPING for conversions. This skill is one of the most valuable skills you can have as it relates to good, what’s called, copywriting. Every friend of mine, myself included, that’s made significant money, masters this skill. Especially important for when you start paying for ads on expensive networks. You want EVERY click to matter as you’re paying for it. This will come later. I’ll teach you how to generate free traffic and low cost to start. But ultimately you want to be able to spend one dollar on ads and pull 5 dollars out.

Ok, so now that we have that down, next you need TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFFIC! Go to this page here and I’ll describe the beginning stuff you need to setup…and why.


Put on traffic page: TikTok algo explained


Freelancer – Low cost place to get coders, designers, etc

This guy is good for WordPress fixes.

Fiverr – Another great low cost place to get work done.

Udimi for buying solo ads.