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Traffic Rotators

Leads Leap This is my #1 recommendation. The have pro ads, this costs about 20 a month and is totally worth it. This will get you leads and sales. All biz opp seekers. The image below is an ad I put up and within 24 hours got some decent hits and a sale. I typically get around 400 clicks a week from here. It’s nice because it’s hands off traffic. You can change links in Pro Ads to whatever you’re marketing at the time. Switch it up and see what works. As they are mostly online biz people they often want more buyer traffic offers.

The Click Engine It’s only 4 dollars and change a month and I’d recommend the 14 dollar upgrade to get one extra link in the rotator.

Traffic Blaster Pro I bought this for 30 dollars-ish for 6 months. They also have a 20 dollar upsell (one time fee) for one extra link in the rotator.

Spring Traffic This one isn’t bad but honestly sends VERY little traffic. It’s a one time fee which is nice though. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this one. I bought it but was kinda bleh. Just telling you like it is.

The next rotator I’m going to get is Topdogrotator for 47 bucks lifetime.

And if you’re into immediate payments to your Paypal or Stripe, of 100 dollars, 50 dollars or 25 dollars, check this out. This one got me one sale in under 24 hours. It converts fairly well. The signup even came in from a non Tier 1 country. It came in from Africa which is awesome as it means it converts and works anywhere in the world.

NOW This one gets me 200+ clicks to any offers daily. It’s called My Lead Gen Secret. I’m up to about 60k leads and get 400 new biz opp leads daily. Once it gets to around 100k I’ll start seeing more frequent sales. I’ve made a few so far so can’t complain. This does work. BUT YOU MUST be patient and stick with this for several months. If that’s not you, don’t do it. These people will buy clickbank products like Write Apps, Social Paid, etc. They also buy Home Business Academy (HBA).

Email me at if you have any questions. You can also join my Facebook group where I’ll be providing training and support for anyone that needs help. I’ve been full time since 99 and love to help people get going.