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Tim Ferris’s Wild Animal Pee Consultant

Hi my name is Sean and I’m Tim Ferris’s Wild Animal Pee Consultant. One of my many skills.

So what’s the deal mannnn?

Well there is a lesson behind this. When attracting clients sometimes you get racoons. Nasty critters and you want to scare them off so you’re only left with solid clients that will not only buy your stuff but DO THE WORK and get results.
Why does that matter? Because if all you’re doing is collecting checks and not getting people results…your reputation will kinda suck. And no one wants that…well d-bags do, but hopefully you’re not a d-bag.

When you have most of your clients rocking arse and getting results…the word spreads. You get referral business because you’re changing peoples lives for the better.

Don’t be afraid to throw some coyote piss on potential bad clients. I mean don’t be an ass but you do NOT WANT every sale you can get.
Trust me, I’ve done this before, many years ago, because I was desperate for cash. Yeh one of them turned into nice 5 figures but…it turned out to be a complete sh!t show.

I don’t ask for massive moves with my clients, just baby steps is fine in the beginning. I consider myself a professional encourager. But the ones that won’t do shite…ain’t nobody got time for that.

When you begin to collect awesome clients that do the work, your business life will be sooooo much better.

Be a priss and be selective. Your bottom line will thank you as you wont get caught up with non action takers and worse…energy vampires.

For me a sale needs to be a HELL YES or a F*ck No!

If you want help learning how to attract the right clients, hit me up. I’ll intro you to my world and my mentors that are smashing it in the marketing space.

Bis sp├Ąter,
Sean Mitchell

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