VIP Training


First you’ll need to setup your domain and landing page with second page (bridge page with video).
Telling people about your offer and how it will help them.

Add this domain/link of yours to the accounts you created in step one.  If you have the funds I’d recommend buying a unique domain for each of the platforms above for easy tracking of which platform is sending you the best traffic and collection of leads (emails)…aka potential customers.

On the second page of your domain/lead capture page, you want to create what’s called a bridge page.  This is where you’ll explain either the product you are selling and how it can help them or more importantly send them to join your Facebook Group!   This is where you can develop relationships and nurture your audience into becoming fans of yours…and to develop the KNOW LIKE TRUST factor which is a REALLY big deal.



Next…you need to setup a few accounts to start promoting from.

These are:

Youtube Channel
Facebook (personal profile with solid cover photo)

If you need help with these you can do one of three things.

1. Hire it on Fiverr or Freelancer for someone to create these for you.  Once they do, simply change your password.

2. Watch Youtube videos.

3. Ask me for help.

With these accounts you will be cross-platform promoting your short form video content.

This maximizes your efforts and in time will build up your traffic and following.

This is KEY!


Now it’s time to create content to 1. generate free traffic and 2. pre-sell your offers/coaching!

Here is a list of TikToks that performed very well for one of my mentors: Best TT’s.xlsx

We will do a live call where I talk about other’s to follow and watch. This is not for you to COPY their content but to INSPIRE you on the type of content that is working and making sales for these people. Modeling success totally works. Again, do not COPY them, just learn the structure of what works and do it in your own words and with your own stories.

I will post links here that will show you how to make these short videos for TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Facebook Reels, etc.

I will also cover the type of written content you want to put out….example long form written content for Facebook posts that will attract potential customers to talk to you.

Also I will show you how to grow your following on Facebook, etc so that your reach grows over time.

The best piece of advice I can give you is DO NOT WAIT for perfection. Get started today and PUT OUT CONTENT! It will get better over time.