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I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I looked down at that bathroom scale and the number had reached 278, as I squinted to read it… I was almost in disbelief but really not shocked. I was tired…so very tired. I had grown used to being chronically tired and discontent with how I felt. I had let life beat me up a bit.

Yet all was not completely gloomy.

I had a wife and son who I loved dearly, a business that had it’s ups and downs yet provided a lot of flexibility which had come in handy while having to move across country for my wife’s internship… Things were not perfect, but they were good. But something was still off, I HAD to start doing something different to improve my health and my energy levels. The weight I had put on made daily life more of a struggle than it needed to be.

I knew I could do this. I’d seen others do it, I knew fundamentally what I had to do.

So what was holding me back?

Clarity and action…was that it?

Or was it something else?

I mean, come on…how many of you reading this RIGHT NOW “know” what to do, but something, just something is keeping you stuck.

Habit…bad habits. The sense of ‘comfort’ in your routines, however frustrating or non-fulfilling they may be, it’s still comfort.

So I had hit the point of being uncomfortable (very uncomfortable) in my comfort zone. It was time to drop those old habits and get into my uncomfort zone so I could grow and get my energy and life back going the way I needed it to.

I knew how to eat right, I knew how to exercise…so the actual THING that caused all of this to come together was what came next…

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