What is MAJEQ? It is, as it sounds, a relative of magic and magick but without the “ick.” MAJEQ is not about card tricks, robes, or peppered with arcane language. This is simply a process of transformation. It comes with insight (and how to significantly develop it in yourself), ninja mental techniques, action and most importantly: RESULTS!

These are the 5 Pillars of MAJEQ


The Mind…is the center of creating the life and results you want. When you know how to put it under your control, you can make significant shifts in the quality of your business and life.


Your Altitude affects your Attitude…and vice versa. Starting with altitude indicates the vital importance of enhancing and creating a shift in your perspective.

The other “a” word behind this, is Acceptance (not passivity). Acceptance of ”what is” and taking the proper course of action from there. Taking a action without having an accurate and extensive view of things, may lead to less than optimal outcomes.


The Journey…understanding that life and business is impacted by the process you develop along the way. Most people let the current, “as I’ve always done it” be their default process. Looking at this more deeply, allows you to adjust, as needed, to get the results you want.


Experiences & Evolution: A meaningful life (and business) is built around experiences. What experiences are you creating for yourself and others? Make an impact, don’t just merely exist. No one likes that…so stop it. And last but not least, you have the choice to Evolve or dEvolve. Evolve and grow…you and all of those around you will benefit + you will be more stoked on life.


The Quality of your Questions, determine the results of your life. You should be asking yourself and others the right questions in order to reach goals and aspirations in your life. And you’ll also find that life asks YOU questions. How you respond is your answer…hopefully you’ve paused to change your perspective so as to determine and take the most effective course of action.

MAJEQ = Taking the “ick” out of Magick…making transformational tools accessible to as many people as possible.

“Winning the inner game” will be reflected in your outside world.

As above, so below.