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Building Self-Discipline

9 Tips to Build Your Self-Discipline Becoming self-disciplined is a process, and the quality of being disciplined is like a skill. The more you practice it, the better you’ll get at it. Just like all skills, you’ll need to follow a system to…

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The Reverse Rabbit Hole – How to Get Better Results in Life

Back when I started working with people on a personal level, as a friend… and then later, as an addictions counselor, I spent a lot of time early in the conversation discussing the foundation on how to get better results in life. The…

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The Key to Magic

Who wants to know the key to magic? Raise your hand…you know you want to…everyone does. ;-) Not too tough eh? Now if you want to drill down and know how to apply this with greater specificity to various aspects of your life…stay…

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10 Steps to Handle Dream Crushers

So, you’ve decided you want to live a certain life, achieve some inspiring goals…all of which don’t fall into the typical, standard, cookie-cutter lifestyle. Well let me guess, you have some internal and external dream killers that need to be handled. Let’s do…

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